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STS Italy

The STS team Italy is particularly specialized in the gas and industrial applications as well as in the environmental sector.

General Manager

Fabio Marroccoli

contact: fabio.marroccoli@stssensors.com.cn
Phone: +39 02 57607073/74

Responsible Environmental Segment

Gerolamo Pastore

contact: gerolamo.pastore@stssensors.com.cn
Phone: +39 02 57607073/74

Responsabile vendite area Lombardia, Liguria, Trentino Alto-Adige

Sante Cassoni

contact: sante.cassoni@stssensors.com.cn
Phone: +39 02 57607073/74

Responsabile Logistica e Supporto Vendite Interno

Mattia Masiero

contact: mattia.masiero@stssensors.com.cn
Phone: +39 02 57607073/74