PTM.MT/N/Ex – 可编程液位变送器 ATEX 认证-海事应用  


  • 压力测量范围: 0 … 0,4bar / 0… 1bar / 0 … 2,5 bar / 0 …4 bar / 0 … 6 bar
  • 压力范围可调
  • 精度: ≤ ± 0.25 % FS
  • 工作温度: -20…100 °C
  • 介质温度: -20…100 °C
  • 输出信号: 4…20 mA
  • 材质: 钛


  • 认证: ATEX, IECEx 和 DNV-GL
  • 静态精度可达 0.25% FS
  • 迟滞和重复性精度< 0.01 %
  • 表压和绝压可选
  • 硅压阻技术适用于静态和动态压力测量


压力和液位测量在许多应用领域中必不可少。由STS 提供的创新型压力变送器 PTM.MT/N/Ex 系列可应对各种突发情况。

压力测量在许多领域中必不可少。尤其是存在潜在爆炸风险环境中。在这种应用中 ,超压会带来严重后果。因此需要采用合适的压力变送器 。典型的压力测量应用还包括环境和食品技术行业。而诸如污水和污水处理厂等液位测量中,同样需要精确的测量监控,以避免相关的风险并且进行流程优化。

Always properly equipped with one device

On-site measurement in line with requirements is a particular challenge. If a permanently installed transmitter has to be checked or replaced, or if a level measurement has to be carried out spontaneously on site – for example, in a wastewater treatment plant – this can only be done if a transmitter is readily available that is suitable for the respective application.

The parameterizable pressure and temperature sensors from STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG for hazardous areas can be precisely adapted to the operating conditions on site. Where previously specialists had to carry a large number of different transmitters in order to always be properly equipped at the site of operation, one variable device is now sufficient.

Any transmitter installation is possible

The PTM.MT/N/Ex transmitters measure relative pressure from 0-100 mbar up to 0-4 bar or absolute pressure from 0-700 mbar up to 0-6 bar. The measuring range can be individually set on site via a modem. A large selection of adapters and mounting accessories allows any type of installation of the transmitter. For versatile use, it is combined with cables between 3 and 35 m length.

The housing of high-quality titanium in combination with Teflon cables allows the use of the transmitter even in aggressive media such as salt water or acids.

Strong even in maritime applications

A preferred field of application for STS transmitters is level determination in tanks in maritime applications. Here, one transmitter can be used to measure all liquids relevant on board, from fuels and oils to drinking water and waste water. A special highlight and unique selling proposition is the simultaneous possibility of temperature measurement over a measuring range from -20 to 100 °C.

Conclusion: Thanks to its versatility and easy adaptability to a wide range of operating conditions and requirements, the PTM.MT/N/Ex is the optimal spare part for numerous application scenarios.